Welcome to VerifyIt! a free online civics, voting, and news literacy game designed to help young adults be thoughtful readers, informed voters (or future voters), and enlightened citizens who participate fully in our democratic system. The game is easily played on mobile phones, computers, or tablets, inside or outside of the classroom. There are two ways to play the game - Individual Player (on your own) or Multi-Player (in the classroom - virtual or online). The news articles and posts are regularly updated, and we have tried to make them relevant to current events. These instructions for Multi-Player games will help you set up a game that all your students can play on their computers at one time - with you tracking their progress and knowledge as the "game runner."

VerifyIt! is fast-moving, informative and fun!

  • Use the game as an icebreaker to introduce Civics, Voting, and News Literacy topics and as a way to get your students interested in the topics in a fun way - by playing a Game!
  • Choose pre-designed games on various topics - the Games generate random questions based on multiple different categories.
  • Review the results and follow up with your students - you will track their progress and knowledge about the topics in real time - and you can design follow-up activities!
  • As a future enhancement, you will also be able to use the Leaderboard to make it fun to play - and you can choose whether to show students' names or give them anonymous numbers to keep names private. (Coming soon)

Instructions for using a Game with your class.

  1. On your computer, go to VerifyIt! Game URL: https://verifyit.buzz
  2. Click on the "I'm a Game Runner" link. It's near the bottom, under the "Play Multiplayer" button.
  3. Select the game you want to play, like “U.S. Constitution-Civics” and click on it. (note the Game Code in the box)
  4. Find the "Start a new game" button at the bottom of the list and click on it. Note that the next screen shows the questions selected for this Game
  5. Follow the instructions listed on this screen to distribute the Game to your students - you have two different ways to do this: 1) click on the clipboard icon on the top of the screen to copy the Game number and email or text it to your students, or, if you are conducting class via Zoom, put it in the Chat; or 2) Tell students to select multiplayer button on the Landing Page and add the game code so they can enter the game themselves.
  6. Students will enter their "handle" (name) and sign into the Game. You will see their names on your screen when they successfully sign in - and you can track their progress!

NOTE: We have not yet been able to make the game completely accessible to those with learning or other disabilities. You may wish to read the questions to the class as well as have students read questions themselves.

We would love your feedback! Please email comments and suggestions to YouthOutreach@lwvalameda.org and technical issues to verifyitsupport@lwvalameda.org.

Thanks for playing VerifyIt!